What do you expect from a marketing communication agency?

  1. 依頼された医薬品と、その市場、その競合品、その医療の現実等を深く理解するための情報収集と判断能力 Ability to collect and select information properly on a medical product, its relating market, competing products,  and the current treatment of the target disease
  2. 依頼された医薬品のブランドイメージの向上と確立に役立つ トータルなコミュニケーションプログラムの企画、製作、実施ができる能力 Expertise to prepare and complete a comprehensive marketing communication program to enhance and establish the brand image of a new medical product
  3. あらゆるコミュニケーションツールにおいて学術的要素をクリエイティブに展開表現できる能力 Competency to describe ingeniously the mechanism and characteristics of a new medical product with any given communication tools
  4. 優れた「クリエイティビティ」で効果的なキービジュアルを開発できる能力 Outstanding creativity to design a convincing key visual image
  5. 企画ものや大型媒体の扱いを得意とする能力 Capacity to organize large scale events and to use communication platforms
  6. 医師向け、患者向けの情報提供など出版もの、定期ものの制作を得意とする能力 Expertise in publishing documents and journals to provide information to doctors and patients
  7. 患者または潜在患者向けの直接的な宣伝広告を製作、実施できる能力 Capacity to create and execute advertisement plan for current patients and potential sufferers



私たちは常に緻密なMedical Eyeをもって、その医薬品が適応される疾患の医学と医療の現実(競合品、患者さんも含めて)を「市場」としてリアルにトータルに把握することから仕事を始めます。

このAgency Eyeによる一連の作業によって、対象医師におけるブランドイメージの向上と確立を計ることができると考えています。


Our belief

All of these given points are important. We believe that first and foremost, however, we must really understand and know a new medical product and its potential market. That’s why we consider that points of 1,2 and 3 are the most critical for a medical healthcare communication agency.

We always begin with understanding the market deeply and widely from the viewpoint of medical expert. We always talk about the market that prefers to scientific and therapeutic aspects of the disease for which the new medical product is indicated, along with expected patients and other competing products.

Then this knowledge is applied to a “comprehensive marketing communication program” from the viewpoint of marketing communication agency. Various medium are employed to explain elaborately mechanism and characteristics of the new medical product in order to make out a consistent image of the brand. This is our basic process of enhancing and establishing the brand image of the medical product.

As a medical healthcare communication agency, we believe what is essential is these three points(1,2 and 3), but the others show only marketing techniques to be selected depending on the desired outcome.